CMHO is pleased to announce our 2023 Conference Together for Tomorrow: Advancing quality, equity, and access in child and youth mental health.”

Coming out of the pandemic, the mental health needs of Ontario’s infants, children, youth, and families have never been greater. Looking back on lessons learned and innovations in service delivery over the pandemic, we have an opportunity as system leaders to come together for a better tomorrow and to co-create a child and youth mental health system that provides timely and equitable access to high-quality mental health care for all Ontario families.

We are excited to be coming together in person again for North America’s largest child and youth mental health conference from November 19-21, 2023 at the Marriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Centre! With the goal of building a stronger mental health system for infants, children, and youth, this conference convenes leaders from community-based child and youth mental health centres and key system partners, including those from hospitals, primary care, education, child welfare, youth justice, adult mental health, and youth and families with lived expertise. The conference provides an opportunity to highlight evidence-based practices, share knowledge and experiences, and build on our collective efforts to improve outcomes for infants, children, and youth, together with their families.

Proposals must be submitted by 5:00pm on June 23, 2023.

Advance quality, equity and access in child and youth mental health by:
• Showcasing leading research and emerging practices
• Addressing challenges facing the sector and seeking solutions
• Identifying opportunities to lead and collectively influence system change
• Raising the voice of individuals with lived experience and their families

• CMHO Members: Executive Directors, Board Members, Clinical Leaders, Administrative Leaders, and Direct Service/Front-line Providers
• Mental Health Leads from School Boards
• Mental Health Professionals
• Child Protection Leaders
• Youth Justice Leaders
• Child Development Leaders
• Healthcare System Leaders from primary care, hospitals, and community partners
• Public Health Professionals
• Government Officials
• Youth (from The New Mentality, The Youth Action Committee, and elsewhere)
• Families (from Parents for Children’s Mental Health and elsewhere)
• …and more!


The CMHO Conference team is seeking submissions that provide practical examples of how you or your organization have taken bold steps to address a challenging issue related to child and youth mental health and what you learned along the way. Workshops that highlight innovative, evidence-based initiatives and approaches and provide practical takeaways for participants are encouraged. Primary audiences are:

1. Clinical leaders and front-line clinicians working in child and youth mental health
2. Community leaders working in leadership, policy, and governance roles, including executive directors and board members of CYMH agencies


NOTE:  We recognize that there is overlap between the streams of quality, equity and access.  We understand that some presentations may align with multiple lstreams, and as such, we welcome you to selct as many of the below three streams that apply to your submission.


• Assessment, outcomes, performance measurement, measurement-based care, and system indicators
• Incorporating youth and/or family voice in the treatment approach and pathways
• Quality improvement
• Building a culture of continuous improvement
• Change management initiatives to foster innovation
• Leadership style and its impact on processes and outcomes
• Board tools and practices to stimulate innovative ideas
• Implementing quality standards


Broad Equity Practices
• Applying a social determinants of health lens
• Equity strategies for agency
• Data and governance practices
• Culturally responsive programs and services

• Complexity or acuity
• Addictions and Substance use
• Development stage (infant, school-age, teen, young parents)
• Neurodevelopmental disorders
• Indigenous populations
• Francophone populations (presentations in French welcome!)
• Racialized communities
• Black communities
• Northern, rural, and remote communities


• Integrating care and supporting better pathways between sectors, such as: primary care, schools, child welfare, hospitals, youth justice, adult mental health/addictions, etc.
• Pathways between care levels/stepped care model
• Centralized access and coordination
• Addressing wait times/lists and supporting timely care


A. Workshop: 60-minute presentation + 30 minutes of interaction and discussion
B. Poster: visual display of a project on a poster board

Proposals must be submitted by 5:00pm on June 23, 2023.

About You

Please provide presenter names as you would like them to appear in the conference program.

Presenter Name(s):

Preferred Presentation

Please note: Based on the number of presentations we receive, we may have to combine presentations. If your abstract is not accepted, you may have an opportunity to present a poster presentation.

Posters: The committee is limiting each poster to one presenter. Include a short biography (max 100 words) for the presenter who will be taking part in the poster display. Proposals that are supported by research and evidence are encouraged, as are those involving lived experience or community-based programming.

Your preferred presentation duration is:

Conference Streams

Please note: The presenter may submit multiple abstracts for the conference. One submission for each presentation.

Please choose the stream that your that relates to your submission

Your Submission

The presenter may submit multiple abstracts for the conference. One submission for each presentation. Please note: Workshops are limited to 4 presenters. The person submitting the proposal is the contact person and will be the only person contacted about the proposal (it will be that person’s responsibility to communicate with others involved).

Title of your Presentation/Poster: (no more than 10 words) (REQUIRED)

Description of your presentation/poster: (250 words or less) REQUIRED.
This information is used to evaluate your proposal. Please use non-technical, jargon-free language.

Please provide details about the learning objectives for your presentation/poster presentation (REQUIRED)

Please share how your presentation/poster fits with the theme of the conference: "Together for Tomorrow: Advancing quality, equity and access in child and youth mental heath? (150 words or less) (REQUIRED)

Abstract for conference program. (REQUIRED)

Presentations : 50 words or less
Posters: 30 words or less

This will be used for all conference advertising material. Please use clear language and ensure that your description accurately reflects the content that will be delivered.

WORKSHOPS ONLY: It is important for all sessions to be interactive and encourage participation among attendees.

Please describe how you will engage the audience and how much time will be allotted for audience participation, giving concrete examples (150 words or less).

WORKSHOPS ONLY: Presenters are encouraged to include a lived experience component or perspective where relevant.

Please describe.

WORKSHOPS ONLY: Audio Visual Equipment: All audio-visual equipment must be ordered in advance. Please specify the audio-visual equipment that you will need for your presentation.

Please provide a short biography of each presenter (150 words or less) with the first presenter bio below and then using the presenter options below for additional presenters. (REQUIRED)

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Note: Proposals will be selected to ensure a varied program.

The description will be the basis for selecting the proposals. All proposals will be independently rated by a selection panel based on:

  • Clarity and quality of the description
  • Alignment with the conference theme
  • Strategies for audience engagement
  • Relevance to the category(ies) of audience(s) identified
  • Presentations that offer participants information/resources that can be put into practice

The description will be the basis for selecting the posters that will be presented. All evaluations will be based on the following criteria:

  • Presentations that best fit the conference theme will be given preference.
  • Clarity of learning objectives and quality of description.
  • Poster presentations that offer participants information/resources that can be put into practice.


  • Presenters must register for the conference. Honoraria and travel reimbursement are not available; however, we are exploring bursaries for presenters (youth/caregivers/parents) with lived experience. There will be a reduced conference fee for youth and parents/caregivers.
  • Presenters will be asked to submit an electronic version of their presentation two weeks prior to the conference.
  • Recordings and/or slides of the presentations may be made available to conference delegates following the conference.
  • Presenters will be provided with a designated time to present by the conference committee.
  • All presenters are required to register and pay the conference fee for a minimum of one day.
  • Presenters will be provided with a designated time on either Monday, November 20 or Tuesday, November 21.

Proposals must be submitted by 5:00pm on June 23, 2023.

For further inquiries or accomodations, please contact Sherry Sim, Event Manager at or 1-866-655-8548.